Additional rules/ agreement

We put these additional rules in place to not only to cover our assets, but to insure you don’t end up paying for damages on your rental. This is simple…treat it like it was your own, and don’t abuse it or you will pay.

  1. All carts are to be returned clean of personal belongings and trash.
  2. All carts are to be locked up when not running. A lock is provide with each cart and the key is on the keychain. Make this a habit, and you won’t be paying for a stolen cart.
  3. At no time will a cart be ran through the water at the beach. Not to mention the saltwater will eat the metal underneath. STAY ON THE SAND PLEASE.
  4. At no time will an unlicensed person drive the cart.
  5. At no time will a person drive the golf cart that has not been listed on the contract. The signed renter is responsible for all damages to the cart regardless of who is driving.
  6. All laws will be obeyed while renting the cart (see surfside laws for golf carts).
  7. If any renter is seen mishandling the golf cart, or in a state where they are a danger to themselves or other while in the golf cart the renter will relinquish the right to continue the keep the cart and the rental payment will not be refunded.
  8. Your contract does not end until we have physically inspected the golf cart and checked you out.