Rental Rates 4 / 8 seat golf carts and accessories

Each golf cart rental is verified cleaned and inspected before pick up or delivery. All rentals fully fueled and ready to go. *UPDATE – Due to the rise in fuel prices we will be adding a small fuel surcharge to each rental.

*Texas sales tax 7.25% is applied to all rentals.

*You must be 21 years old with a valid licence , credit card and insurance to rent a golf cart.

* Outside of surfside village ( san luis pass area) is a 75$ delivery fee if needed. Rates per day – 1-3 days $180 per day, 4-6 days $160 per day, 7 days or more $140 per day.

*Golf cart rental times start at 9 am and all returns are at 7pm summer months

*Special 24hr rentals are $200 par 24 hrs (example if you rent at 2 pm for 24hrs, return is at 2pm the next day)

4 seat club cart gas

Great for couples or small family of 2-4 people to get around quickly down the beach. Storage and space for extra gear, cart might be lifted to help driving on sand.

See additional rental rules click here

$170 per day/ 1-3 day rental
4 seat gas cart
$150 per day/ 4-6 day rental
4 seat gas cart
$130 per day/ 7 + day rental
4 seat gas cart
8 seat golf cart
$280 per day
This 8 seater is comfortable and fits the whole family. Price is per day and does not discount.
$20 per day golf cart trailer
Great for excess beach gear.
Anchor tubes rental
$35 per day per tube
Get the tube and anchor. Anchor will hold up to several people and you can tie off tubes to each other with out drifting down the beach.